Invitation to cooperate

Participation in the implementation of the project will translate into tangible positive cash flows related to its exceptional marketing potential. We offer to your company access to fire-recognized, proven communication channels where the event will be reported on the regular basis.

We offer:

• Dedicated blog with reports from boat preparation to the expedition and expedition itself

• Website dedicated to the expedition

• Account in the social media (facebook, Instagram)

The sponsor can expect:

• Publishing right the photo and video content captured during expedition

• Rights to use image of Rafał Moszczyński in advertising campaigns

• Rafał Moszczyński’s participation in the sponsor organized events.

We are also happy to offer you a chance to advertise your logo and your brand in the following ways: 

• As a part of the name of the expedition

• As a part of the name of the vessel

• As a part of the website dedicated to the expedition

• As a name of the channel on social media.

Additionally, your logo / brand can be exhibited on:

• structural elements of the boat (sides and stern, masts, boom, rudder blade, cockpit tub, etc.);

• elements of clothing;

• elements of equipment.

Depending on your needs additional advertising strategies can be negotiated