The project is currently at its advanced stage of implementation. The Caravela shipyard in Ustka is building a boat specially tailored for the purpose of this expedition - Caravela 950 Racer

The expedition vessel is 9.5 meters long (11 meters with the bowsprit), equipped with 3-meter keel and 750 kg of the ballast. This setup guaranties very good stability. Her 12.2 m tall mast easily handles sails of the area of 180 m2. She is capable of developing the cruise speed of 18 knots while hydro foiling with full oceanic equipment on the board. The total mass of the vessel, prepaired to 4 - 5 months of the oceanic navigation, is expected as less than 3 tones.

The quality and type of equipment installed, and the overall success of the unique expedition strongly depends on the amount of financial aid received