The amazing story of Henry Jaskuła is the ultimate inspiration for this challenge. He was the first Pole and the third sailor in the world to perform a single-handed non-stop circumnavigation of the globe. Thanks to his incredible fortitude and skills, not only did he circumnavigate the Earth, but he also beat the then world record of the longest lonely stay in the sea. This exceptional feat was achieved on the SY "Dar Przemyśla" which on the 12th of June of the 1979 set out on the lonely cruise from the port in Gdynia. The expedition lasted 344 days and ended on the 20th of the May 1980.

Objective of the expedition is beating the speed record of the lonely marine navigation on the route Gdynia - Gdynia on the route through the Cape of Good Hope, Cape Lewin and Cape Horn and single-handed non-stop circumnavigation of the globe in 150 days

One of the main aims of the voyage is to negotiate the same route that Henryk Jaskuła chose. The plan is to set out from Gdynia and continue the voyage through the Sound strait in the Baltic Sea, the English Channel (la Manche), heading towards to Cape Town, Australia, New Zealand, Cape Horn and then returning to Gdynia.